The Cragg Vale Hill Climb: Everything You Need To Know


How long is the Cragg Vale Hill Climb?

The Cragg Vale Hill Climb has a total length of 5.5 miles (8.85 km), ascending 968 feet (295m).

It has an average gradient of 3.4% reaching a maximum elevation of 1,268ft.

This isn’t the steepest ascent in the world, but it goes on… and on… and on. If it’s your first time riding this route, maybe don’t go in all guns blazing.

Where is The Cragg vale hill climb?

The climb runs along the very picturesque B6138 Cragg Road in Calder Valley, West Yorkshire.

It starts in Mytholmroyd, off the A646 Burnley Road and runs through Cragg Vale (famous for its 18th century counterfeiting gang The Cragg Vale Coiners).

Once you reach the top of the ascent you can treat yourself to an ice cream from the ice cream van which is usually parked at the top.

Hebden Bridge is nearby which is a great place to stop if you’re after a cafe or a bike shop (Blazing Saddles is the one).

Or you can pop into The wonderful pub that is the Hinchliffe Arms half way for a refresher… not that we’re biased or anything.

Exact start and finish locations

Start Location

If you want to follow the exact Strava Route, it starts on the B6138, between Streamside Fold and Elphaborough Close in Mytholmroyd (or Royd as it’s locally known).

The exact coordinates are:
53°43’42.5″N 1°59’05.5″W

Finish Location

The strava finish line is on the B6138, just before the junction onto the A58 Rochdale Road.

Finish Coordinates:
53°39’47.6″N 2°02’11.0″W

View the route on Google Maps below.

Strava Route

The Cragg Vale Hill climb route can be found on Strava here.

Cragg Vale Hill Climb Strava Record

Roberto Scottini
Time: 14m 38s
Average Speed: 22.0mi/h
Date Set: 28 Mar 2020

That’s going to take some beating, but we reckon it’s possible if you stop off at The Hinchliffe Arms along the way.

Video Run Through

Here is a video run through of the route courtesty of Beard on a Bike. Check out his Youtube channel for more cycling vids.

Le Tour de France, 2014

Cragg Vale Hill Climb

In July 2014, the Cragg Vale Climb was part of the Tour de France as it made its way through parts of Yorkshire.

In the build up to the cyclists coming through, as part of Les Grands Départs, sculptor Andy Plant along with 18 other “cyclists” rode a grand piano up the route, named the “PianoPorté”. 15 pianists played as the piano made its way up the climb ahead of the Tour cyclists.

Cragg Vale Climb